“Some really deep soul-searching, but it was done in as gentle and accepting, non-judgmental way as possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel that this is a turning-point for me.”

“Amazing, gentle and supportive space facilitated professionally. The workshop was enjoyable and real. Thank you.”

“Every time I attend a workshop or lecture here, I learn more about myself and how to become a better me!”


“What a lovely space! This has been absolutely life-changing. I have found me again.”

“Seeking help here was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has undoubtedly changed my life in so many ways.”

We are a Cape Town-based counselling services facility, that offers a range of professional support for recovery from all types of addictive and self-defeating behaviours, trauma and loss and their effects on family and significant others.

We aim to create environments that foster discovery, development and growth. By recognising and utilising available resources, we collaborate to realise the highest human potential in our clients, colleagues and ourselves.

For current news about what’s happening at Prospect Hill this month, read our blog and events board.

heart from seedsEmbracing our vulnerabilities is risky, but not nearly as risky as giving up on love and belonging and joy.

– Brené Brown

Our vision is that affordable, accessible support in achieving freedom from addictive and other self-defeating behaviours, is available for all.

We contribute to this by providing:


Counselling available to anyone affected by self-defeating behaviour, trauma or loss.

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Therapeutic Groups

A range of therapeutic groups are available that offer safe, communal spaces that support healing and growth.

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Personal development

We offer workshops and short courses that explore a range of topics relevant to self-development and personal growth.

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Professional Development

Professional development to enhance capacity to manage self-defeating behaviours effectively in the workplace.

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Addiction and its Effect
Addiction is a compulsive self-defeating behaviour involving an all-consuming relationship with a mood- altering chemical, person or activity that has debilitating consequences. 

Chemical addictions may include alcohol, street drugs (such as tic, heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana) or prescription medication (such as codeine, morphine, pethidine, benzodiazapines). Process addictions may include sex, love, codependency, eating, gambling, work, social networking and gaming.

You don’t have to be in active addiction to suffer from addiction.

Addiction not only affects the addict/ user but a network of others connected to them. Family members, friends, work colleagues, employers and employees also suffer from the debilitating and progressive effects of addiction and codependency eg. ‘adult children of addicts or alcoholics’ (ACOA) who have grown up in homes where there is addiction.

Recovery is possible for anyone affected by addiction in the past or present.

December/ January Newsletter

As the year draws to a close we want to express our Gratitude to all of you who have made our work at Prospect Hill possible this year. As we enjoyed the wonderful music and sharing from our community at our Year End Celebration, we thought again of the fellowship saying, “together we can”! Hearing […]

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November News

With protest and calls for social change alive in our city and sweeping the country it is a good time to take pause and reflect on our positions in relation to others and our own values. What stories of change would we like to be part of? All the while, for many, the business of […]

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September Newsletter

We have just come back from a fantastic Narrative Therapy conference, richly inspired with creativity in our work of changing our stories.  With Spring now well and truly in the air (although hopefully punctuated by some more much needed rain) we are now starting our Inner Child Re-Claiming Joy Workshop series (which we postponed last […]

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