Prospect Hill is a Cape Town-based counselling services collective of a group of highly-experienced and diverse practitioners. We have a multi-disciplinary team that aims to address a vast spectrum of out-patient therapeutic needs. We strive to contribute to the provision of affordable, accessible support in the recovery from addiction, self-defeating behaviours, mood disorders, trauma and loss.

Frances Ward, Registered Counsellor/ TRE provider/ Director

Frances's attention to the whole person is integral to her holistic mind-body approach along with her ability to genuinely connect with her clients.

Tel: 082 099 1830

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Desiree-Anne Martin, Addiction Counsellor/ Director

I offer individual and family counselling for adolescents and adults, to assist in overcoming self-defeating behaviours and addictions, using an approach that is goal-oriented, candid and compassionate.

Tel: 071 84 1111 8

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Mark Emmerich, Recovery & Addiction Counsellor/ Registered Social Worker/ Director

I am a specialist addiction and recovery counsellor, with a special interest in sex and love addictions. I readily give talks and lectures on a variety of recovery and addiction related topics.

Tel: 082 341 1963

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Bobby Jean-Jacques, Recovery Coach/ Director

I partner with people to strengthen their recovery, overcome inner and outer obstacles, inspire personal growth and to discover personally relevant ways to live a life free of compulsive relationships with substances or behaviour.

Tel: 076 999 3848

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Jean Dixon, Counsellor/ Registered Nurse/ Director

I believe that CHANGE is possible. I am passionate about offering support while exploring options & exercising choices that come with CHANGE to find a fuller and more colourful life.

Tel: 073 875 0365

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Katy Menell, Registered Counsellor/ Director

I am passionate about supporting people to connect to their body, heart, mind and relationships as resources for recovery, growth and change.

Tel: 083 285 2710

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Romey Russel, Psychotherapist/ Director

I have three decades experience; my passion and expertise includes working with mood/ anxiety disorders; substance use and co-occurring disorders, process addictions, adolescent turmoil/ identity struggles, bereavement and other major psychiatric illnesses.

Tel: 082 485 9371

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Penelope Garden, Counsellor/ Director

I have been working in the counselling field for the last 12 years and started in private practice five years ago. I designed and ran a successful family program and have a special interest in working with families and codependency. I believe that changing one person in the family system powerfully changes its whole nature and respect the enormous courage it takes to start this process.

Tel: 073 786 6781

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We aim to create environments that foster discovery, development and growth. By recognising and utilising available resources, we collaborate to realise the highest human potential in our clients, colleagues and ourselves.

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heart from seedsEmbracing our vulnerabilities is risky, but not nearly as risky as giving up on love and belonging and joy.

– BrenĂ© Brown

Our vision is that affordable, accessible support in achieving freedom from addictive and other self-defeating behaviours, is available for all.

We contribute to this by providing the following services: