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Newsletter June/July 2012


 As we approach mid-winter we have been reminded by the need to find light in the dark and that ‘together we can’. Our recent workshop focussing on ‘Healing Shame’ was a warming experience of this. This fresh experience of an old topic has inspired us to focus further on ‘Healing Shame’ in our September workshop.

Our practice has recently been enhanced by the addition of Ursula Cloete as office administrator, who, in addition to our new desktop computer (!) is helping to make our office a most welcoming and productive space.

Prospect Hill is hosting a number of exciting new initiatives before spring is sprung:

Addiction Recovery Group

Frances Ward is facilitating this new group for people wanting support with abstaining from drinking/ using drugs. It is on Thursday 17h30-19h00 each week. It will provide the support of a safe recovery community, guided by an experienced addiction counsellor.

Adolescent & Parent support groups

Starting in July these groups will run parallel 9  week programs, on Tuesdays 17h30 – 19h00. The adolescent group (for ages 13-21) is designed to support adolescents affected by dependency related issues, using a range of creative techniques to enhance life skills.  Facilitators are Jonathan Mitchell and Desiree Anne Martin. The parent group will help parents to find sustainable ways of supporting themselves and their children in a safe and respectful environment, facilitated by Katy Menell.

Symposium on Intimacy & Sexual Relationships in Early Recovery

This will provide an opportunity for professionals in the field of recovery from addiction to engage in discussion and the creation of a local treatment protocol for working with this issue. It will be held at the Novalis Institute on Saturday 21st July 2-5pm and will be chaired by Dr. Rodger Meyer.
Group Facilitation Training Course
Romey Russell will be sharing her wealth of experience in this didactic and experiential training in interactional therapeutic groupwork. It is aimed at those with some experience seeking to acquire further theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It comprises of 6 x 3 hour sessions and will commence in August on alternate Thursdays 18h00-21h00.


Continuing on are our:

Lecture Series on Addiction & Recovery

This rich and engaging series continues on alternate Tuesday evenings 19h30-21h00. Topics for June/ July are:

The great Lie & Honesty                                   19 June

Introduction to the 12 steps                             3 July

The neurophysiology of Addiction                  17 July


Workshop Series 2012

20  July                  FORGIVENESS

17  August             GRIEF & MOURNING

14 September        HEALING  SHAME

12 October             WHO AM I?

9 November           SPIRITUALITY


Recovery Assistants Course Module 3 will commence on the 29th June, with a number of new learners joining us

Still taking it One Moment at A Time,
Jean & Katy

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