Prospect Hill Pty Ltd, was born in April 2016 – and comprises of ten shareholders, 8 of which are directors/ associates – and grew out of the original Prospect Hill CC which was formed in 2010.

It aims to contribute to the provision of affordable, accessible support in recovery from addiction, self-defeating behaviours, trauma and loss.

The vision of Prospect Hill is that of a globally recognised, collaborative, tech-savvy and profitable entity. Leveraging multi-sectoral partnerships, we aim to deliver a range of highly effective, life-changing programmes to thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, facilitating healing, change and growth in the many facets of their lives.

We aim to work collaboratively with others in the field of to enhance service delivery locally and nationally. We contribute expertise and experience in a systemic approach to recovery and growth by focusing not only on the ‘identified patient’, but on all those effected through family work or other relationships.