The release of addiction’s hold requires awareness: awareness of where we keep ourselves hobbled and stressed, where we ignore our emotions, restrict our expression of who we are, frustrate our innate human drive for creative and meaningful activity, and deny our need for connection and intimacy.”

– Gabor Maté


Support for individuals, couples and individual families needing help in gaining clarity, direction and guidance in achieving freedom from self-defeating patterns or recovering from trauma & loss.


Group counselling provides:

  • a supportive community to grow in
  • an opportunity to experience healthy relationships
  • a safe space to practice and develop communication skills
  • a cost effective form of therapeutic support

We offer groups that support recovery from codependency, extreme relationships and addiction, as well as family members of those with addictive behaviours, parents of adolescents and adolescents.


 Our self-development programs offer creative spaces for experiential learning. The different programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals wanting to enhance their experience of themselves and their lives, parents and adolescents wanting to meet their life challenges.


Our Recovery Assistants Course is a 1 year part-time introductory course into professional support from recovery from addiction.

Supervision and training for health care professionals and organizations.