April Newsletter

As we move into Autumn and the public holiday season, we are enjoying the bounty of summer and gathering resources for the winter days ahead. Prospect Hill has much  to celebrate from the first quarter of the year, including an engaged and stimulating group of participants on our Recovery Assistants Course  and a rich and inspiring start to the Recovering your Inner Child Workshop Series.

In April we begin Module 2 of the RA Course and also offer The Workshop on the Inner Protective Parent: Creating Safety in Relationships, see below for more details.

We are happy to be welcoming Marina Tsitianellis as a new Associate at Prospect Hill. Marina is a clinical psychologist with experience in a multi-cultural approach and working with a broad range of issues, including addiction. She works in an eclectic way that includes Schema therapy, CBT, DBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy. We look forward to working with Marina.

Warm regards,
Jean & Katy

  • Workshop on the Inner Protective Parent – Creating Safety in Relationships

    Often, in childhood, we learn ways to protect ourselves in relationships, that do not serve us in our adult life. This workshop, on Friday 11th April, helps find new ways to maintain safety that
    facilitate honesty, intimacy and connection.
    Using Inner Child Work and mindfulness practice, this gentle yet powerful day offers practical tools for communication. This workshop can be done as part of the series or independently. For more information or to book visit:
  • Recovery Assistants Course: Module 2

  Module 2, starting on Friday 11th April, focuses on Complex Issues, and includes Process
Addictions, Dual Diagnosis and the Effects of Addiction on the Family. Current learners will
begin their
Clinical Observation this module. Limited places are still available. For more information

  • Finding the Best in Me & the Best in Recovery: Support Group facilitated by Peter Powis

    Are you looking for hope and uplifting support for recovery in your life?
    If so, this weekly group, Mondays 5 – 6.30pm, is for you. It provides a safe space for
    sharing, as well as time for structured input from Peter: an integration of 12 Step Principles and simple, practical tools from Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.To learn more visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/finding-best-recovery-best-recovery-support-group-2014-04-07/

    We are delighted to be hosting this three day intensive offering a safe, supportive space to release the effects of past trauma and take the next steps towards healing and integration. Registered trauma therapists, Lara Lorge and Lori Shifrin will be facilitating this. See our next Newsletter for more details.