Be.Longing Inner Child Recovery Workshop Series


8:45 am - 5:00 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town


Are you missing some important parts of yourself?
Would you like more joy and spontaneity in your life?
Do you long to feel more at home in the world?

This series of One-day Workshops offers a journey of self-connection and integration.

Experiencing vulnerability, anger and the full range of our feelings we can find new ways of connecting to and caring for ourselves that meet our needs for safety, acceptance and belonging. This allows previously hidden parts of us to emerge like the creative, spontaneous playful and spiritual parts. The next 3 workshops in our Inner Child Series make space to explore these.

This series includes the following workshops: Meeting your Inner Child – vulnerability & connection; The Angry Child –  finding your voice; The Inner Nurturing Parent – developing self-empathy; The Inner Protective Parent – creating safety; The Inner Critical Parent – daring greatly; Healing the Past; The Playful Child – practicing acceptance; The Creative Child – developing trust and The Spiritual Child – knowingness & belonging.

The Spiritual Child: knowingness & belonging
Friday 13th November


Do you recall moments of connecting to your inner knowing and innate wisdom? Would you like to give these experiences some time and attention? Our Inner Spiritual Child offers us a playful way to connect to these places and develop our own personal spirituality.

We will use powerful Inner Child healing processes (inspired by the work of Lucia Cappachione) and exercises influenced by Mindfulness practice, Non-violent Communication, Narrative Therapy and the work of Brene Brown, to establish a safe and creative space in which to engage new experiences.

Katy Menell and Jean Dixon are experienced counsellors with a background in Inner Child work that has inspired them to create spaces for others to use the power of their imagination to change their lives.



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