Boost your Recovery Workshop


9:00 am - 1:00 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

“First build a world in which recovery can flourish” William White
“Recovery is a journey in which we sculpt, shape and reform the boundaries of our being” Stephen Bamber

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Are you an expert in what NOT to do in recovery but not in what TO DO?
Do you want to change your experience of recovery from one of surviving to one of thriving? Are you feeling a little ‘stale’ or complacent in recovery and would you benefit from a plan that could become the springboard to a more fulfilling life?

Create your own unique roadmap and spice up your recovery

The workshop uses a solutions-focused, strengths-based dialogue approach to increasing the inner and outer resources that sustain recovery. Drawing on the work of recovery pioneers Granfield and Cloud, as well as the insights emerging in Integral Recovery, positive psychology and personal development, the workshop creates an inspirational space to build recovery in an adult learning setting.

For more information call Robert Jean-Jacques (facilitator) on 076 999 3848


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