Facing the Shadow Closed Group


4:00 pm - 5:45 pm


3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Space limited to 9 participants.

One of the main reasons for the high recidivism rate when it comes to sex & love compulsions is a lack of insight into personal core beliefs and insufficient recovery focus and structure. This group aims to redress these difficulties and to provide the participant with a tested, theoretical and practical programme. It draws from the works of Dr Patrick Carnes, an internationally recognised leader in the field of sex addiction, and incorporates tried and tested principles of Twelve Step Recovery. This group will benefit those who need more insight into the roots of their sexual or relationship compulsions, and who are looking to strengthen their recovery foundation. You get a chance to “rewrite your script”, and make sense of the often confusing destructive behaviour patterns that dominate your life.

Group fundamentals

  •   Maximum group size will be nine male participants with any sexual identity or orientation.
  •   Abstinence from “bottom line” sexual behaviours, alcohol and narcotics is a pre-requisite for

    the 18 weeks.

  •   Group members will be assigned to a smaller sub-group for support, accountability and

    assistance with the written work that needs to be completed. The sub-groups will as well

    meet on a weekly basis at a time mutually agreed by the sub-group members.

  •   Participants are in addition required to attend at least one SAA or SLAA 12 Step Fellowship

    group per week.

  •   Besides the therapeutic process, some groups will incorporate didactic sessions supported by

    various writings and first hand accounts.

  •   Due to the intense nature of the group work and the depth of introspection required,

    individual therapy will be essential for the period of the programme. It is also strongly recommended that your partners engage in their own therapy process.


    Mark Emmerich is an experienced substance abuse & recovery counsellor who has had many years of working in both in and outpatient settings. He has been in private practice for seven years, and has had more than 12 years of experience working with people struggling with sexual & relationship compulsions. He has been on his own personal recovery journey for more than 19 years.


    Dates and Times
    The group starts on Tuesday 10 May 2016 and will run for 18 consecutive weeks every Tuesday

    starting at 16h00 and ending at 17h45. Certain groups may run to 18h00. (The group will close for two weeks on 5th & 12th July.)

    Fee Structure

    The group work component is R5 400.00(300 per group) and the participant will be expected to make full payment before commencement of the group process. An early deposit of R1500 secures your place. (Please contact Mark if you need to make alternative arrangements.) In addition participants will need to purchase Dr Carnes’s book ‘Facing the Shadows’ (approx. R650) and your own individual therapy will be a further additional cost.

    Note: It is imperative that all participants complete a pre-group assessment and this will be charged at an individual session rate. Please contact Mark ASAP to arrange for this. Not applicable if you are an existing client.