Family Support Program


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

for concerned family and friends of those affected by addictive behaviours

the serenity prayer

Family members themselves suffer the negative effects of living with the addiction of another and this impacts greatly on the family system as a whole. Evidence based research has shown that recovery is greatly enhanced when family members are willing to embark on their own healing process.

This 6 week Family Program offers a way out of the addictive cycle and provides information & education on a number of relevant topics, plus tools and support in developing effective coping skills in order to help the family system heal.


  • Understanding the nature of the disease of addiction
  • The roles of family members
  • Ways that family supports the addiction
  • Support in breaking the destructive cycle of the addiction
  • Healing from damages
  • Codependency

Imogen McIntosh is a counselor with many years of rich experience working with the recovery of families and individuals.
Cost: R600 (for 6 week program) or R120 per session
Enquiries: contact Imogen on 082 298 4955 or at


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