Be-longing: Inner Child Recovery Workshop Series


8:45 am - 4:00 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town


Are you looking to re-integrate some important parts of yourself?
Would you like more joy and spontaneity in your life?
Do you long to feel more at home in the world?

This series of One-day Workshops offers a journey of self-connection and integration:

Introducing the Inner Child:

Meeting your Inner Child: cultivating connection
How we relate to vulnerability is a key to living whole-heartedly and bringing more authenticity, connection, love and belonging into our lives. Inner Child work provides a powerful tool to recover lost and hidden parts of ourselves. This workshop offers an opportunity to connect to these valuable inner resources that can enhance the quality of our lives.
Friday 23rd  January

Listening to Anger: finding your voice
Friday 20th  February

Healing the Past: meeting needs
Friday 20th  March


The Nurturing Parent: developing self-empathy
Friday 17th  April

The Inner Protective Parent: creating safety
Friday 15th  May

Disarming the Inner Critic: daring greatly
Friday 12th  June

Re-claiming Joy:

The Playful Child: practicing acceptance
Friday 24th July

The Creative Child: building trust
Friday 21st August

The Spiritual Child: knowingness & belonging
Friday 18th September

We will use powerful Inner Child healing processes (inspired by the work of Lucia Cappachione), and exercises influenced by Mindfulness practice, Non-violent Communication, Expressive Arts and the work of Brene Brown, to establish a safe and creative space in which to engage new experiences.

Katy Menell is a registered counsellor with a background in Inner Child work that has inspired her to create spaces for others to use the power of their imagination to change their lives.

Comments from past participants:

” Katy created a safe space for us to share at whatever level we felt able. The activities really were enlightening and gently but surely shifted me emotionally and in terms of hope”

“I learned so much in one day. There are things I have come to understand regarding why I do or did what I did. I also see that I don’t need to walk around with feelings of guilt and shame for the way I handled things in the past. I can learn from them and move on”.

“Just the most wonderful series of workshops ever. You’ve held the space so beautifully and the impact of this series has already been profound.”


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