Recover your Inner Child Workshop Series: The Inner Protective Parent – Creating Safety in Relationships


8:45 am - 4:00 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Are you stuck in old self-defeating relationship patterns?
Would you like to live life more fully and deeply?
By changing your relationship with yourself, you can let go the past and open up to a new future.



This series of Workshops will explore the following topics and help participants explore choices and practice new skills:

The Inner Protective Parent: Creating Safety in your relationships

Do you struggle to express your feelings and needs in your relationships?

Do you find yourself in unsafe or high risk situations?

Would you like to find ways to communicate that are safe for you and respectful of others?

 Friday 11th April

Disarming the Inner Critic: Daring Greatly

Do you find yourself playing your ‘mistakes’ over and over again in your mind?
Does your fear of failure stop you pursuing your dreams?
Would you like tools to ‘conquer yourself’ and dare greatly?

Friday 16th May

We will use powerful Inner Child healing processes (inspired by the work of Lucia Cappachione) and exercises influenced by Mindfulness practice, Non-violent Communication and the work of Brene Brown, to set up a safe and creative space to engage new experiences.

The re-parenting your inner child workshop was a profound experience for me. It helped me to understand for the first time in my life that many of my needs as a child for protection and care were not fulfilled.  The techniques that Katy used and the gentle, safe space she created for us during the workshop enabled me to get in touch with my inner child as an adult and begin a process, a daily process, of getting in touch with her (my inner child’s) feelings and her needs, of asking her what nurturing or care and perhaps protection she needed from me in that moment and during that particular day.  I have found this insight and process very valuable in my journey of getting to know and love who I am.” Diane Moor, past participant.


Katy Menell is a registered counsellor with a background in Inner Child work that has inspired her to create spaces for others to use the power of their imagination to change their lives.



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