Recover your Inner Child Workshop Series – Standing up to the Inner Critical Parent: Daring Greatly


8:45 am - 4:00 pm



3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Do you find it hard to accept your ‘mistakes’?
Does your fear of ‘not being good enough’ hold you back?
Would you like more courage to pursue your dreams?

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Internalised negative beliefs about ourselves are a legacy of the past that can keep us trapped in old ways of being. Moving beyond our limitations means confronting these beliefs and standing up to them. This workshop will help participants to identify their Inner Critical Parent and ‘dare greatly’.

We will use powerful Inner Child healing processes (inspired by the work of Lucia Cappachione) and exercises influenced by Mindfulness practice, Non-violent Communication and the work of Brene Brown, to set up a safe and creative space to engage new experiences.


Facilitated by Katy Menell, who is a registered counsellor with a background in Inner Child work that has inspired her to create spaces for others to use the power of their imagination to change their lives.



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