Tension/ Trauma Releasing Exercises Weekly Group


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


3 Prospect Hill Road Wynberg, Cape Town
3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

This is an OPEN group for anyone wanting to try TRE or anyone who has done TRE before.

TRE is a phenomenal breakthrough technique in stress and trauma therapy.

Tension/ Trauma Releasing Exercises is a set of seven yoga like stretches that brings about deep relaxation. It is being used successfully by thousands of people around the world to relieve stress, body tension and to recover from traumas/ injuries.

This self empowering tool teaches you to restore balance to the mind and body. Often TRE immediately brings about change by re-aligning the systems within the body. Healing can occur on many different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

It does not involve talking but the body does the work. The seven stretches help evoke a self controlled, natural, neurogenic tremor (shake) that releases deep tension from the body.

Some reported benefits of TRE:

*Reduces stress & post traumatic symptoms      *Reduces aches, pains, injuries

*Brings about a sense of relaxation                       *Aids chronic medical conditions

*Improves libido                                                        *Releases daily stress/ tension

*Improves mobility and flexibility                          *Reduces severe anxiety

*Balances the nervous system                                  *Increases energy levels

*Improves personal / work relationships              *Helps cravings and recovery from addictions

*Improves sleep disturbances                                   *Increases sense of wellbeing

*Helps burnout

It is suitable for all ages for all levels of fitness. A short assessment is required. Six sessions are recommended. Individual sessions are available too.

When: Weekly on Mondays 13:00- 14:30. (min of 4 participants to start).
Cost: R250 per group or if paid upfront R1250.00 for the series of 6.
Booking is essential: Frances Ward 082 099 1830; franceswardtherapy@gmail.com; www.franceswardtherapy.co.za

Frances Ward is a registered counsellor (PRC 0013668), specialising in Addiction, Trauma & Stress treatment.  She is a Level 2 TRE provider. She has more than a decades experience in this field.