June Newsletter

With mid-winter fast approaching we are reminded of a need to draw on our inner resources to keep our lights shining in darkening times. We continue to celebrate the role that others can play in helping to keep our preferred stories burning brightly. We have a number of warming, supportive communal spaces on offer this June. 
Warm regards,
Jean & Katy

Be-longing Inner Child Recovery Workshop Series- Healing the Past: Meeting Needs

Do you have any childhood memories that you would like to loosen the effects of? This workshop takes us on a journey to revisit the past and make changes that can have a lasting effect. Friday 26 June from 9.00am. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT until 6th June. Click here for more details.


Connecting to Self and Others: Support Group 

This weekly facilitated group provides a space to connect to yourself and others as part of a safe, supportive community. Thursdays 12.30-2pm. Click here for more information.

Recovery Assistants Course Module 3: Communication Skills
This part-time training offers professional support for recovery from addictive behaviours and their effects. The next in-take is for Module 3, which focusses on Communication Skills. It commences on Friday 3rd July 4.30-6.30pm. For more info about the course or to book click here.


Cosmo Form Introductory Workshop

The Cosmo Form is a simple movement practice that can be done alone or with others. It offers quick access to expanded awareness and states of love, peace, relaxation, energy and confidence. Saturday 6th June 9.30am – 12pm. Facilitated by Helena Wagener. For more info click here.

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