March/ April Newsletter 2013

3rd Birthday Edition

We are a Cape Town based out-patient counselling service facility. We offer a range of professional support for recovery from addiction / self-defeating behaviours, trauma, loss and their effects on family and significant others.

We aim to create environments that foster Discovery, Development and Growth. By recognising and utilising available resources – both the light and the dark – we collaborate to unleash the highest human potential in our clients, colleagues and ourselves.

PHRP consists of:

Partners: Jean Dixon & Katy Menell

Associates: Mark Emmerich, Frances Ward, Jean Wheeler, Romey Russell, Penny Garden, Sue Kloppers, Pauline De Villiers, Samantha Pretorius, Penni Cox, Maahiera Abrahams,

Stacey Elias, Roxy Garvey, Jonathan Mitchell,

Desiree-Anne Martin

 Practice Administrator: Ursula Cloete

Housekeeper: Patricia Kondowe

“Time and again, people transcend the paralyzing effects of psychological pain when they have sufficient contact with someone who can hear them empathically.”

Marshall Rosenburg (founder of Non-violent Communication)

Since its birth in April 2010, Prospect Hill Recovery Practice has continued to grow its network of professionals offering a wealth of support services to individuals, families and  other professionals in training and practice.

We are particularly delighted to have introduced more options for families, including a focus on children, adolescents and parents. We are also excited to be continuing to broaden our modalities, by including Trauma Release Exercise practitioners in the practice.

Our belief in  group-work – the immense therapeutic value of a healing community and its financial viability – is happily manifesting in the many groups we currently have available.

Here is an outline of some of the services we are currently offering.

In gratitude,

Jean & Katy

Individual, couple & family counselling

A range of practitioners, from a variety of professional backgrounds, offer counseling and therapeutic support in the form counselling for adults, adolescents and children.


Codependency & Relationship groups

These weekly and fortnightly groups facilitate the process of finding balance, safety and equality in relationships with self and others.  Facilitated by Jean Dixon.

Addiction Recovery Group

This weekly, facilitated support group offers support to those wishing to address compulsive self-defeating behaviours. Facilitated by Frances Ward.

Facing the Shadow: closed group

This group offers insight into the roots of sexual or relationship compulsions and strengthening a recovery foundation. The program draws on the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes and Twelve Step Recovery. Facilitated by Mark Emmerich.

Parent self-development group

This 8-session program offers parents a supportive environment to address challenges and find creative solutions in line with their personal values. Facilitated by Jonathan Mitchell and Katy Menell. Commences on Tuesday 23rd April.

Support Groups for Family members affected by addiction

Families, parents & adolescents affected by addiction can receive support and guidance in weekly Saturday am groups facilitated by Stacey Elias & Maahiera Abrahams.

Mom’s First

This weekly group offers support mothers of young children in finding ways to care for their children while caring for themselves. Facilitated by Penny Garden.

Adolescent Self-development Group

An 8-session program, offering a supportive space for adolescents to develop the skills to respond constructively to life challenges and address any self-defeating behaviours that may have arisen. Facilitated by Jonathan Mitchell and Desiree Martin. Next series commencing on Thursday 18th April.

SHIFT girls group

This group creates a therapeutic space where girls can gain support in exploring their challenges in adolescence, through discussions, creative exercises and stimulating activities. Facilitated by Penni Cox and Roxy Garvey.

Adolescent Bereavement Groups

This group offers support to adolescents dealing with loss. Facilitated by Stacey Elias and Maahiera Abrahams.

Counsellor Connect

This monthly supervision group for school counsellors offers an opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues from other schools. It is a space for sharing difficulties and victories, and gaining support. Facilitated by Penni Cox and Roxy Garvey.


On-going Recovery Workshop Series

This experiential workshop series provides a gentle but powerful path to unfold the healing power of creativity. Topics currently include: Codependency & Boundaries, Resilience to Shame, Healing from Loss, Future Selves & Establishing a Personal Spirituality. Our next workshop: Developing Self-empathy: Re-parenting the Inner Child wlll take place  on Friday19th April.  Facilitated by Jean Dixon & Katy Menell.

Boost your resilience, be more Brilliant, become more Present

This programme aims to increase resilience and well-being, in the face of challenge, change and complexity.  It consists of 9 two-hour interactive conversations comprising of theory & experiential group work.  Faciliitated by Wendy Ward,  on Tuesday evenings at 3 weekly intervals, commencing in May 14th.

Trauma Recovery Workshop

This  6 week program offers an understanding  of how stress and trauma negatively effect the body and an experience of two body therapies (Breathwork and Trauma Releasing exercises). These help to release trauma and tension with immediate effect. Facilitated by Frances Wrad, Ericka Alison & Fiona Liebowitz. Mondays 17h30-19h30.


Recovery Assistants’ Learnership

This part-time course provides an introduction to professional support for recovery from addiction. It is taught by a staff of qualified, experienced trainers. It includes 100 supervised internship hours at local registered treatment facilities. The Modules run over 12 weeks, with fortnightly sessions on Fridays at 16h30 – 18h30. Modules may be done independently and the course can begin with any module. Next intake 12th April.

Individual Recovery Coaching Course

David Collins and Lila Lieberman are offering a comprehensive training combining coaching and 12 step recovery counselling in a format that addresses a wide range of needs and offers connection to a national network of practitioners. It takes the form of 3 x 3 day modules. Module 1 will commence on 4-6 April.  Booking closes 28th March.

Family Constellations & Addiction

This Open Training Module, facilitated by Drama Therapist, Facilitator & Trainer Amanda Gifford, provides an introduction to the application of family Constellations work in Recovery from addiction. 26th-28th May.

For more information or booking for any of the above contact:

(021) 761 9049 or