May Newsletter

In the midst of Autumn, it is a good time to store up what we need to carry us through the Winter months and compost whatever we are done with to feed new growth. At Prospect Hill we can offer help deciding what to keep and what to shed at the next Inner Child Workshop on Disarming the Inner Critic. We also have a NEW GROUP that may just make the difference for people effected by someone else’s sexually addictive behaviour. If you are looking for Energy and Connection try the Cosmo Form workshop or if it is Encouragement and Direction you need, try our Boost your Recovery Workshop.

Hope to have you with us.

Warm regards,
Jean & Katy

Be-longing Inner Child Recovery Workshop Series- Disarming the Inner Critic: Daring Greatly
Are you tired of shrinking back from what you truly want? Do you think your inner critic might be calling the shots? Would you like to support yourself in ‘daring greatly’? Join us for a creative and empowering workshop on Friday 15 May from 09.00am. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT available until the 6th May. Click here for more details.


NEW WEEKLY SUPPORT GROUP for people affected by other’s sexually addictive behaviour starting on  Wednesday 20th May 11h00-13h00.  This group will provide a safe confidential space to share with others who can identify with you and support your healing process. Click here for more information.

Boost your Recovery Workshop: Learn tools to create a comprehensive Recovery Plan

Are you an expert in what NOT to do, but not in WHAT TO DO?

Do you want to change your experience of recovery from one of surviving to one of thriving?

Are you feeling a little ‘stale’ in your recovery and would like a springboard to more fulfilment?

This workshop is now taking place on Saturday 9th May from 9.00am to 12.00pm and offers an inspirational space to discover and build on ‘recovery capital’, the personal resources that make recovery worth doing. Each participant will get the opportunity to create a unique road map of their journey. For more info click here.


Cosmo Form Introductory Workshop
The Cosmo Form is a simple movement practice that can be done alone or with others. It offers quick access to expanded awareness and states of love, peace, relaxation, energy and confidence. Saturday 6th June, 9.30am – 12pm. Facilitated by Helena Wagener. For more info click here.

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