Newsletter August/ September 2012

Symposium on Intimacy & Sexual Relationships in Early Recovery

The Symposium on Intimacy & Sexual Relationships in Early Recovery that took place on 21st July was well attended and involved stimulating input from the speakers (Claire Rockliffe-Fidler, Dana Tadmore, Mark Emmerich
and Peter Powis) and a lively discussion moderated by Rodger Meyer.

The discussion moved beyond whether or not new sexual relationships in early recovery were advisable (and defining appropriate boundaries in treatment) to explore some of the related risks and opportunities that relationships present in this context.  Looking at the damage to relationships characteristic of addiction, side by side with the pre-requisites for sexual and
relational health, brought out the importance of relationship support in recovery.

This in turn, raised the issue of counselling capabilities and the availability of support and training for counsellors in this area. The importance of counsellors developing fluency in the area of sexual health, in particular, emerged.  We were left with a deeper understanding of the issue and the inspiration to hold future symposiums on other important recovery topics.

For more details see the notes on Mark and Claire’s presentations at

Codependency Recovery Group

Jean will be starting a new facilitated group for recovery from codependency on alternate Mondays from 16h00-18h00. The healing power of groups, continue to impress us. At the cost of R220 a session they are hugely cost effective too!

Addiction Recovery Group

Frances Ward is facilitating this new group for people wanting support with abstaining from drinking/ using drugs. It is on Thursday 17h30-19h00. It will provide the support of a safe recovery community, guided by an experienced addiction counsellor.

Addiction & Recovery Lecture series

An updated version of our lecture series will commence at the end of September on alternate Fridays at 16h30-18h00. The six session series covers topics such as Addictive Personality, Codependence and Recovery & Spirituality. The series offers an opportunity for anyone interested in addiction and recovery to learn more and engage in stimulating discussions on a range of relevant topics.

Workshop Series 2012

14th September            GRIEF AND MOURNING

12th October                 WHO AM I?

9th November               SPIRITUALITY

Recovery Assistants Course              

Module 3 commenced on the 29th June. Clinical practicums started this module at Harmony Clinic and Ixande.

Watch this space for:

Adolescent & Parent support groups

This 9 week adolescent workshop (for ages 13-21), comprises of weekly 2 hour sessions providing valuable life skills for adolescents using a range of creative techniques. It will be facilitated by Jonathan Mitchell and Desiree Anne Martin.

A parallel parent group offering parenting support and related personal growth, will be faciltated by Katy Menell.

Adolescent & Parent workshop on substance abuse

This informative half-day workshop provides an opportunity for adolescents and their parents to learn more about substance abuse.
Still taking it One Moment at A Time,
Jean & Katy

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