Newsletter December 2011/ January 2012

 “What was really needed was a fundamental change in our attitude towards life…. It did not really matter what we expected from life, but what life expected from us…Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual” Viktor E. Frankl:  Man’s search for Meaning


Each moment for each individual holds the unique opportunity to rise to the occasion. Looking back on 2011 there were times when we have met life in its fullness and times when we fell back into past patterns, recognized this, stood up, dusted ourselves off and stepped forward again.

We took a pause at the end of the year and reflected with an attitude of gratitude on what 2011 gave us and dreamt some dreams for 2012.

Highlights of 2011: gratitude list

Recovery Assistant Learnership

On 9th December we awarded certificates to 13 graduates of the Recovery Assistant Learnership 2011. Mark De Le Rey (clinical director of Kenilworth Clinic) addressed us on the importance of the role of the RA in residential treatment, in both supporting and containing clients outside of program time and providing a bridge between the client community and counseling team.

The RA course 2011, was enriched by our diverse and committed learners, the treatment centres that supported it (Kenilworth Clinic, Harmony Clinic and Akron House) and our highly skilled team of associate lecturers.

Our clients

As always the courage, creativity and tenacity of our clients continued to inspire our work. We were often reminded of the force to heal within human beings’ and the unique journey of the individual.

Jean’s Relationship Recovery Group, increasingly inspired her, leading to Katy’s jealousy finally mobilizing her to start a weekly Parent Support Group.

Our associates

Our network of valued associates, continued to expand as Frances Ward, Desiree Buckland, Sharmilah Adams-Israel and Clint Koopman joined us in 2011.

Tragically Clint died on Saturday 10th December. We were privileged to have had him join us and were very inspired by his enthusiasm and future plans. He will be greatly missed.


Recovery Assistant Learnership

Our well-subscribed and new improved course commences with an introductory evening on Friday 13th January 16h30-18h30.

Workshop Series

Our experiential workshop series will continue to offer safe and creative opportunities to deepen relationships with self, others and life.

3rd February              CODEPENDENCY

2nd March                  BOUNDARIES & CODEPENDENCY

13th April                  INNER CHILD HEALING

8th June                     HEALING TOXIC SHAME

6th July                       FORGIVENESS

3rd August                  GRIEF AND MOURNING

12th October              WHO AM I?

9th November            SPIRITUALITY

Family Members

We will continue to grow our capacity to meet the need of family members to get support through our Third Thursday Program, Relationship groups and Parent Support Group.


Louise Westerhout is offering classes twice a week that provide a gentle space to integrate physical, social and spiritual dimensions of recovery.

Watch this space for:

Master classes on working with Gambling Addiction

A course on Group Facilitation & Co-facilitation

New groups for adolescents, recovery from addiction and couples

Guided, non-denominational meditation sessions

A public lecture series on addiction related topics

With gratitude,

Jean & Katy

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