Newsletter December 2012/ January 2013

We create environments that foster Discovery,

Development and Growth.

By recognising and utilising available resources

– both light and dark –

we collaborate to unleash the highest human potential in

our clients, colleagues and ourselves

What happened in 2012?


Reflecting back on our third year we have much to be grateful for.

Highlights have included:


Individual Work

We have gained much from the many remarkable individuals who have invited us to walk alongside them on their paths of growth and change this year.

Therapy Groups

Group work has grown with Jean’s new Codependency Recovery Group adding to the Addiction Recovery Group and Relationship Group. Mark Emmerich’s Facing the Shadows and Recovery Zone groups continue to offer valuable support for different stages of recovery from sex and love addiction.

Lecture Series

This series of eight lectures on recovery related topics by Mark & Katy, proved to be a valuable introduction to recovery thinking that led to many insightful discussions.


Both Rodger Meyer’s Working with Problem Gambling Counselor Training and our Family Work Training (co-facilitated with Andre) provided rich opportunities to connect with other professionals and enhance skills and expertise.

Our RA course has continued to flourish with 15 learners completing the course in 2012. This year we have received the welcome support of Harmony Clinic and Ixande, who have generously accommodated our clinical practicums.


We hosted a well-attended and stimulating Symposium on Sexual Relationships in Early Recovery, that we hope will be the first of many in this forum for professional exchange.


In addition to our current associates Mark Emmerich, Romey Russell, Andre Le Roux, Frances Ward, Katherine Train and recent newcomers Jean Wheeler and Pauline De Villiers, we have been joined by Penny Garden, Nurain Tisaker and Penni Cox in an ad hoc capacity.

Year-End Celebration

On Friday 23rd November we hosted a ‘Recovery Art’ exhibition, which unfolded as a rich and diverse illustration of the healing power of art. Painting, print-making, photography, sculpture and collage, were among the mediums used. We were all reminded of the power of creativity to  transform potentially damaging experiences into life-enhancing ones.

Adding to that was our inspiring ‘guest speaker’, Kay Price, the current Southern African Public Speaking Champion. Kay recently returned from the World Championships, where she achieved second place. She shared an inspiring story of her mother’s last years and the power of the human spirit to overcome and realize it’s dreams.

Amongst all of this was our RA certificate ceremony in which the commitment and enthusiasm of this year’s graduates was recognised. All in all it was a very heart-warning way to celebrate our year.

December 2012 and 2013

Before the year is out two highlights still remain:

Workshop on ‘Cultivating and Attitude of Gratitude’ using Positive Psychology & 12 Step Spirituality

We welcome Peter Powis to share what promises to be a powerful and uplifting all-day workshop with us on Friday 7th December.

Individual Recovery Coaching Course

We are delighted to be hosting David Collins and Lila Liebermann from SHARP, in Johannesburg, who are bringing a wealth knowledge and expertise in this exciting new area of recovery work. The first module will take place on 7th ,8th  and 9th December.

2013 promises to bring the continuation of much of our favourite work and some exciting new additions:

RA 2013

will commence on Friday 18 January 2013.

Module 1: INITIAL CONSULTATION (18th January – 29th March):

Diagnostic Criteria ; History Taking; Effects of substances & detox

Stages of Change; the Nature of the Illness.

Module 2: COMMUNICATION SKILLS (12th April- 21st June)

Empathy, Trust & listening; Client-centred Approach;

Styles & Approaches; Motivational Interviewing

Johari’s window; Transference/Counter Transference.

Module 3: COMPLEX ISSUES (5th June- 11 September)

The Multidisciplinary Team; Treatment Tool; Dual Diagnosis;

Process Addictions Part I (Introduction & Sexual Addicition);

Process Addictions Part II (Eating Disorders & Gambling);


Module 4: RECOVERY, RELAPSE AND OTHER (27th September – 29th November)

Family Effects ; Ethics & Record Keeping; Relapse Prevention;  Integrated Approach; Spirituality in Recovery.

On-going Recovery Workshop Series

Our experiential workshop series provides a gentle but powerful path to unfold the healing power of creativity. Topics offered continually evolve to address emerging needs. They include codependency, boundaries & relationships, healing the inner child and more.

New developments in 2013 will include:

– discounted rates for attending groups of workshops

– workshops offered on-site at treatment facilities

– dance/ movement based healing processes

– experiential trainings for professionals on related topics

For families:

Self- development courses for Adolescents & Parents

These 8-week courses provide a safe, structured and supportive environments, where adolescents & parents can independently receive support within their peer groups and develop skills to transform personal their into opportunities for growth. These will be facilitated by Jonathan Mitchell, Desiree-Anne Martin and Katy Menell. The adolescent program will commence on Thursday 31st January and the parent program on Thursday 5th February.

Mom’s First Group

Penny Garden will be offering a much needed support group for mothers of babies.

For enquiries about/ bookings for any of the above please contact us on: (021) 761 9049 or


With gratitude to all who have been part of our 2012,

Season’s greetings,

Jean & Katy