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Newsletter October / November 2012

“Among the necessary initial moves towards sobriety is the directing of compassionate curiosity at oneself…taking off the starched uniform of the interrogator, who is determined to try, convict and punish, we adopt towards ourselves the attitude of an empathetic friend, who simply wants to know what’s going on with us… When we don’t have to defend ourselves against others, or what’s more, against ourselves, we are open to seeing things as they are…

What seems non-adaptive and self-harming in the present , was at some point in

our lives, an adaptation to help us endure what we had to go through then. If people are

addicted to self-soothing behaviours, it’s only because in their formative years they did not receive the soothing they needed.  Such understanding helps delete toxic self-judgment on the past and supports responsibility for the now”.

Gabor Mate’ In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

From Spring to Summer at PHRP

Spring brought some refreshing changes to Prospect Hill. After an inspiring organisational development process we reframed our vision for PHRP as follows:

We create environments that foster Discovery, Development and Growth. By recognising and utilising available resources – both the light and the dark – we collaborate to unleash the highest human potential in our clients, colleagues and ourselves.

New Associates

We are happy to be welcoming Penny Garden and Jean Wheeler as associates to our practice and wish them well in their work here.

After having worked in various addiction clinics for the last 6 years, and now being blessed with two young children, Penny has decided to start her own private practice. She enjoys working with the families of addicts and alcoholics and co-dependency issues, as well as with addicts and alcoholics themselves.

Jean is a registered counselling psychologist with many years experience in the field of addiction and recovery, in a variety of professional contexts. She works in an holistic and integrative way with individuals, couples, families and groups. She is committed to assisting her clients make and sustain changes that are more aligned with their preferred way of being in the world. Jean works with addiction, codependency, trauma, relationships, bereavement,
anger management, anxiety and depression using a variety of modalities.

Year-end Celebration

On Friday 23rd November we will be welcoming our clients, colleagues and friends to a year-end celebration and exhibition of recovery art. It will end with the certificate presentation to the RA’s that are completing their course in 2012.

Training in Working with Families and Recovery

This  1-day workshop provides an introduction to working with families, in  line with international best practice, aimed at professionals already in  the field of recovery.  The cost is R1050 for the day.
Codependency Recovery Group

Jean has started a new facilitated group for recovery from codependency on alternate Mondays from 16h00-18h00. It offers the opportunity to learn from others and a space to practice healthy relationship skills in a safe environment. There is still space for newcomers. The cost is R220 a session.

Moms First Group

Penny will also be starting this new group from the middle of October on Wednesdays 10h00-11h30. It is a  closed therapeutic group for mothers, which aims to provide support around the changes and challenges of motherhood. Cost is R200 per group.
For more details contact Penny on 073 786 6781.

Addiction Recovery Group

Frances Ward is facilitating this new group for people wanting support with abstaining from substance abuse. It is on Thursday 17h30-19h00 each week. It will provide the support of a safe recovery community, guided by an experienced addiction counsellor.

Workshop Series 2012

9th November   SPIRITUALITY: What does it mean to you and how can you live a spiritual life?

Recovery Assistants Course

Module 4 commenced on the 5th October . Clinical practicums continue at Harmony Clinic and Ixande. 2012 graduates will receive their certificates on Friday 23rd November.

With an attitude of gratitude,
Jean & Katy

for more info or booking contact us

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