October News!

There is an abundance of exciting events happening at Prospect Hill this month. Please browse the collection below and take the time to see if there’s something for you.
Warm regards,
Jean & Katy

Open Lecture Series: the Effects of Addiction on the Family
A lecture addressing the importance of focusing on family health as integral to recovery from addiction. For more info visit https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/open-lecture-series-the-effects-of-addiction-on-the-family/

Be – A Support and Skills Group for Young Adults.
This group for 13 to 17 year olds offers a comfortable space for young adults to get peer support in unfolding their personal potential. It has recently evolved and is re-launching in a new, exciting format.  Please see https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/586-2013-09-26/ for more information.

Inner Child Series for Health Professionals
An opportunity for health professionals to enhance their personal and professional growth, by deepening their relationship with themselves, using powerful experiential tools.

Family Constellation Workshop: Changing your money story
Have you ever wondered if you are holding beliefs that hold you back from reaching your financial goals? Perhaps a key lies in the ‘money story’ that you inherited? Find out how to use this key to constellate wealth.  For more info see https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/family-constellation-workshop–wealth-love-family- changing-your-money-story/

Workshop: Re-parenting your Inner Child
Our next Day Workshop focuses on how to care for and speak up for yourself, by filling in some of the gaps left in your childhood. For more on this rich and magical day see https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/workworkshop-on-reparenting-your-inner-child/

Training in Individual Recovery Coaching: Module 1
If you missed the first cycle of this enriching training, you have a second chance. For more info see https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/individual-recovery-coaching-course-module-1/

Complimentary Talk: 10 Keys to Resilience, Brilliance & Presence
This very successful Group Coaching Program is running again. This talk addresses how to enhance your capacity to live your life to its fullest potential and share what the Group Coaching Program can offer you.. For more info visit

Creativity Classes
Weekly classes to help you discover your creative potential and how it can support your personal growth. For more info see
https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/ creativity-classes-2013-09-25/