October Newsletter



With Spring underway there is energy to clear out the old and make way for new life. Our last Releasing the Past Workshop Series on Forgiveness,provides a good opportunity to do just that.

Next up there is an opportunity to nourish your spirit and explore some healthy altered states of consciousness ,with The Form workshops offered by Helena Wagener.

The Cape Town Recovery Film Festival had another great year providing a festive community celebration of recovery that made space for connection and re-connection. We are following on ,with another creative recovery event in November our Annual Art Exhibition and Charity Auction: Creating-Change. Hope to see you ALL there!

In gratitude,
Jean & Katy


  • Releasing the Past Workshop Series: Forgiveness – Finding Freedom on Friday 17th October

Who do we need to forgive? How do we forgive? What do we need to forgive? Why do we forgive and…and…? This workshop explores how to find freedom from the past in a safe respectful environment. For more info visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/releasing-past-workshop-series/

  • The Form Introductory Workshop on Saturday 25th October 9.30am-12.30pm

The Form is an instrument of awakening  that can be practiced alone or with  another. It offers a deep reconnection to self, others and life. It is also a valuable tool for recovery, especially when used in conjunction with therapy or coaching. The introductory workshop
will be followed by a Two Day Intensive – Stepping into Being on 1st – 2nd November  https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/form-2-day-intensive-stepping/.

  • Codependency & Relationship Recovery Group on alternate Tuesdays 4-6pm

A safe space to receive the benefit of group support in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with yourself and others. Facilitated by Lori Shifrin. For more information/ to book visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/codependency-relationship-recovery-group/

  • Prospect Hill’s 3rd Annual Art Exhibition & Charity Auction: Creating – Change on Friday on 28th November 4-7pm

In celebration of Recovery & Self-discovery we invite you to come and enjoy our Annual Art Exhibition with us. It is a community event  that includes art, entertainment and light refreshments. The proceeds of this year’s Charity Auction to go to Hope House Counselling Centre. For more info visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/3rd-annual-art-exhibition-creating-change/