Prospect Hill Recovery Practice celebrates our 1st birthday!

1 April 2011 marked 1 year since Prospect Hill Recovery Practice opened its doors to offer support to individuals affected by addiction and other compulsive self-defeating behaviour.

During this time we have been happy to welcome a number of dedicated and experienced professionals to Prospect Hill. Starting with Dr. Duncan Laurenson, Andre Le Roux and Romey Russell, followed by Mark Emmerich, Frances Ward and Katherine Train.

What is happening at PHRP?

Currently, we offer medical treatment, individual counseling, group counseling and workshops for anyone recovering from the effects of any all-consuming behaviour. This includes family members, colleagues and helping professionals.

We offer specialized help for process addictions such as sex and love addiction and codependency, as well as dual diagnoses. The option of an experiential and embodied therapeutic approach is also available.

We continue to change and grow and two exciting recent additions to the practice are Silapha Out-patient Addiction Program (SOAP) and the Addiction Counsellor Learnership (ACL).

Silapha Out-patient Addiction Program (SOAP)

Launched in November 2010, by Farahnaaz and Leigh Petersen, SOAP offers an affordable out-patient treatment option. This allows participants to join a recovery community and benefit from the comprehensive therapeutic support of skilled counsellors, while continuing to work and attend to daily responsibilities.

Addiction Counselling Learnership

Last year we were delighted to take over the reputable RA/ACL course that has been run by Andre Le Roux for many years. In January 2011 we welcomed our first group of 20 learners. At our introductory evening we were joined by Caprice King, as administrative assistant and a talented team of support trainers including Duncan Laurenson, Romey Russell, Mark Emmerich, Andre Le Roux and Rodger Meyer.

The learners have proven themselves to be a diverse and enthusiastic group. Now in their second module, they are benefiting from doing clinical hours at Kenilworth Clinic Chemical Dependency Unit. We continue to be grateful to the CDU staff for their willingness to support this training program.

Third Thursday Family Program

Recovery starts with one person in the family deciding that enough is enough.

Once a month people who have been affected by someone else’s addictive behaviour or other illness, are offered support in recovering from the past trauma and exploring options for the future. This affordable day program is available to all individuals, whether their significant other is in active addiction, treatment or recovery. Meeting the needs of this traditionally neglected group has a profound effect on the health of the family, as well as improving outcomes for family members in active addiction/ recovery.

One-day On-going Recovery Workshops

“Imagination is more important than knowledge for while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

Albert Einstein

We continue to love and enjoy our experiential on-going recovery workshops. Now on the first Friday of each month we join a group of adventurers and explore the chosen topics, using our creativity and recovery skills.

Once again, a number of clients have chosen to do the complete series enabling us the privilege of witnessing their growth process through the year. One client shares:

‘Each of these workshops is like a booster pack for your therapy. They really jump you forward in leaps and bounds in your personal journey to recovery. It’s not anything I ever saw myself doing, but it’s been so helpful and so safe. Thank you.’ Tanya  M

Each workshop feels like a favourite, but our Inner Child Healing workshop has stood out so far in 2011.

‘It was a profound experience to discover that I have been carrying a young, neglected child that is part of myself, which has suffered from arrested development…Whilst I had been hindered by resentment against my dysfunctional childhood and had felt powerless about undoing damages committed in the past, I now feel empowered to live a future life free of bygone bondages as I now realise that I can still nurture the inner child, which I continue to carry within myself.’ Cheuk Y-C, Inner Child Healing workshop participant.


Group Counselling

“…together we can’” Anon

Having personally experienced the power a recovery community in supporting change, we are pleased to offer a number of therapeutic groups. Current groups focus on: relationships, adult child and codependency recovery and recovery for those effected by another’s extreme behaviour.

Recovery RSA: A resource book for those affected by addiction

Compiled by Barbara Hutton, this recently published book, is a collection of recovery knowledge and experience. It is for anyone, who is interested in, affected by or working with addiction and recovery. The chapters are written by local professionals, three of whom practice from Prospect Hill. The book can be obtained from Recovery Books (

Prevention of Burn-out and Compassion Fatigue Workshop

We have long focused on extending our services to fellow health care professionals seeking support in maintaining self-care in a high stress environment. In collaboration with Katherine Train, who has a wealth of knowledge on self-care in health professionals, we are offering, workshops teaching some exciting highly effective self-management techniques.

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