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Season’s Greeting’s from Prospect Hill!



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Although 2017 has been a year with many challenges, obstacles and personal adversities for us, the team at Prospect Hill are filled with gratitude and would like to take this opportunity to thank you – our friends, family, clients and colleagues – for helping us realise our bright and brilliant vision of ‘changing our story,’ one step at a time.

As a group of individuals practitioners who merely shared a counselling space a few years ago, we set out to create a thriving company with a vision of providing affordable, accessible support in recovery from addiction, trauma and loss. We’ve only been able to achieve this goal by working together as a unified collective, combining our various skills and focussing on the goal of helping others to bravely tell and change their stories.

One of Prospect Hill’s offerings in the arena of self-development is the Recovery Assistant’s Course. Jean Dixon and Katy Menell took over the RA Course in 2011, and since then it has offered many participants an introduction to providing professional support for recovery from a variety of addictive behaviours as well as an overview of addiction, treatment and recovery, and basic counselling skills.

This year’s course ended with a graduation party where certificates of completion were awarded to 17 graduates. Family members and friends came out in full force to support the fabulous class of 2017.This year included the highest number of participants with personal experience of recovery which resulted in rich and stimulating discussions that were great learning for all. 2018 will see the beginning of another exciting course.

Some of feedback from the course participants is:

“I don’t think it is possible to just highlight one valuable thing gained, as there are so many. The insight to my own disease, the methods and techniques used in a treatment facility, the exercises I can use on myself for my own improvement but mostly the importance of recovery and its place in society which has also motivated me to continue on my own path…”
– Earl Petersen.

“Thank you for a most rewarding & stimulating course of a lifetime.”
– Andrew Penkin

The RA course is one of many projects that Prospect Hill will continue to facilitate or launch in 2018.

And on that note, we would like to wish you a peaceful and joyous festive season and a new year that is filled with hope, abundance and happiness.

The Prospect Hill Team.


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