Season’s Greetings from Prospect Hill!



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As this challenging year draws to a close, we would like to take this
opportunity to share what 2016 has meant to us and the important part that you have played in creating our story this year.

It is a story most vividly illustrated by the creation of a beautiful work of art we have called the Recovery Quilt. The quilt was born of PH’s vision to create a collaborative artwork weaving together the diverse stories of how our recovery community has found hope and change in the face of the pain and suffering of addiction.

While each frame was created by an individual, when pieced together, the quilt reflects the experience that “together we can” and that our stories of change, while disparate and diverse, are all woven together by common themes of love, compassion and hope.

The completed Recovery Quilt is truly a representation of PH’s new Vision for 20/20. We will be inviting you to it’s unveiling in the new year and to hear more about our plans for 2017.

In the meantime, we wish you a blessed and joyous season with friends and family and a year ahead that is filled with love, light and prosperity.

The Prospect Hill Team

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