September 2016 Newsletter




PROSPECT HILL COMES OF AGE: (Back row from left) Mark Emmerich, Katy Menell, Frances Ward, Penelope Garden, Bobby Jean-Jacques, (front from left) Jean Dixon, Romey Russell and Desiree-Anne Martin (insert).


We’ve got some great news to tell you….
but first, we want to invite you to an excellently creative community art happening….

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Now for the news…

The Story of Prospect Hill Recovery Practice

Some eight years ago, intrepid and seasoned counselor Jean Dixon shared a dream with colleague Katy Menell.

She sketched out her vision of a place where a community of independent practitioners could come together to form a creative hub, offering a range of services to support recovery from addiction, trauma and loss. Together they created Prospect Hill Recovery Practice.

For five years, under the guiding light, “Together we Can”, Prospect Hill and its associates have provided affordable and accessible support to hundreds of people, fostering relationships, opening up new possibilities and touching lives.

Then, last year, a new vision began to open up for the practice.

Change: Our story and what we learned

We (Jean & Katy) decided that it was time to make a change. We want to share this change story with you, because we see many of our clients go through a similar process and think it may offer some insight and encouragement with regards to making shifts.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” – Robin Sharma.

The Hard Part

We took the time and care to have a long hard look at how things were going and decided that some things needed to change. We were carrying responsibilities we needed to share and we wanted to be part of something that felt owned by the community of practitioners involved. But here was the challenging part:

  • Overcoming the fear of losing what we had, without knowing what there was to gainwe loved Prospect Hill as the comfortable space of our partnership and didn’t know what else was possible.
  • Figuring out the howwe wanted to invite our associates to share ownership, but didn’t know how.
  • Getting helpwe needed to reach out and ask for help, to find the ‘right’ person to agree to facilitate the process for us.
  • Committing the time and energy required – one Saturday a month for nine months our group of eight associates met to conceive and nurture a new improved vision for the future, including the steps to make it happen

The Messy Part

  • The unknown – We were fortunate enough to have Kay Price-Lindsay – a licensed Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking facilitator – guide us on our journey. Although she inspired confidence with her competence, inspiration and boundless creative energy, we still needed to dive into a big, and messy, unknown.
  • The “touchy-feely stuff”a lot of the work felt like chaotic ramblings from our imagination that often did not seem to be connected to any concrete outcomes.
  • Making a decision We all needed to commit to this process, which felt like a big leap of faith. The day 10 of us made this decision felt like a huge milestone!
  • Trusting the process it took a while to get to the place where it felt like things were ‘really happening’.

The Gorgeous Part

  • What we came up with was a common mission: empowering people to change the stories of their lives. The next step in creating a robust, dynamic, interactive and inclusive organisation.
  • Seeing a dream become realitywhen Prospect Hill Pty Ltd was registered in April 2016 with 10 shareholders and 8 directors, we saw our dream become a reality.
  • Getting in touch with new skills and abilitiesthrough the process we discovered the unique skills and abilities of each group member.
  • The joy of support we are getting to experience ‘together we can’ in a new way.

So far the biggest lesson we have learned in this process is suspending judgment, and staying honest, open and willing to change.

We are now stepping bravely forward into the unknown, appreciating it as ‘progress not perfection’, are staying focused on ‘first things first’, ‘one day at a time’, keeping our vision alive and ‘letting go and letting god’ (to keep our sanity!)


The vision is of a globally recognised, collaborative (and profitable) entity, tech-savvy and leveraging multi-sectoral  partnerships to deliver a range of highly effective, life-changing programmes to thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, facilitating healing, change and growth in the many facets of their lives.


Penelope Garden: “I am excited to be part of something much bigger than myself where the possibilities are immense. What I find most inspiring about my work is witnessing the courage it takes for clients to make changes in their lives.”

Jean says: “I enjoy the collaborative team and that there is always someone available to close the gap. I love the diversity of the work.”

Katy adds: “it feels like ‘together we can’ in action”. I am inspired by the hope I receive daily in witnessing people’s creativity and resourcefulness as they connect to what’s important to them”.

Bobby Jean-Jacques says: “Prospect Hill is living proof that the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts. In my work, I am inspired by the courage and faith it requires to leave an untenable past for an uncertain future.”

Romey Russell adds: “I value working alongside the unique differences of nine other colleagues and the creative, innovative and diverse ‘group consciousness’. I am passionate about working with various human struggles, respecting the courage people have to reveal their humanness – their vulnerability, and to share a journey together”.



This course offers an introduction to offering professional support for recovery from all kinds of addictive behaviours. It is part-time and is taught by a staff of qualified, experienced trainers. It includes 50 supervised internship hours at local registered treatment facilities. It provides an overview of addiction, treatment and recovery, as well as a foundation in counselling skills.
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Tension/ Trauma Releasing Exercises Weekly Grouptre

TRE is a phenomenal breakthrough technique in stress and trauma therapy. Tension/ Trauma Releasing Exercises is a set of seven yoga like stretches that brings about deep relaxation. It is being used successfully by thousands to relieve stress, body tension and to recover from traumas/ injuries. This self empowering tool teaches you to restore balance to the mind and body.


Click here for more infoConnecting toSelf & Others facilitated Support Group

This weekly facilitated support group will provide: a safe, confidential, communal space to explore and deepen our relationships. It offers a space to practice skills for developing compassion towards yourself and others and a valuable opportunity  to benefit from the transformative potential of a supportive community.
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