Therapeutic Groups Together we can.  

– 12 Step slogan


This provides:

  • a supportive community to grow in
  • an opportunity to experience healthy relationships
  • a safe space to practice and develop communication skills
  • a cost effective form of therapeutic support

All groups will explore present experiences and feelings, and involve listening to others in a compassionate and caring environment. There will also be various topics, which may be applied and shared to enhance the process. Together boundaries will be established that ensure the safety and confidentiality of the group and the members.


Codependency & Relationships Recovery

Weekly and fortnightly groups that support the process of finding balance, safety and equality in relationships with self and others.  Facilitated by Jean Dixon.

Recovery from Addictive Behaviours

A weekly, facilitated group offering support to those wishing to address compulsive self-defeating behaviours. Facilitated by Frances Ward.

Recovery from Sex/ Love Addiction – Facing the Shadow: Closed Group

This group offers insight into the roots of sexual or relationship compulsions and strengthening a recovery foundation. The program draws on the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes and Twelve Step Recovery. Facilitated by Mark Emmerich.

Inner Child Process Group Series

This closed group addresses unmet childhood needs that have developed into persistent self-defeating relationship patterns. It uses powerful experiential processes to re-parent the Inner Child and thus foster the development of healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Series are run for individuals and health professionals wanting to experience this journey.

Adolescent Self-Development Program

A 10-session program, offering a supportive space for adolescents to develop the skills to respond constructively to life challenges and address any self-defeating behaviours that may have arisen. Facilitated by Jonathan Mitchell and Desiree-Anne Martin.