Our associates are professionals working in the field of recovery and health, practicing from the Prospect Hill premises,offering complementary services.


Jean Dixon is a Psychiatric Nurse with a history of leadership in the nursing profession. She has worked as a 12 Step Facilitator in the field of addictive and compulsive disorders since 1992. She has been instrumental in establishing and managing various centres focussing on recovery from addictive disorders. Jean tends not to pathologize life’s struggles and will accompany those who are battling difficult times.  “Once we identify trustworthy others whose companionship encourages us, the power of the mutual struggle is encountered and change, healing and recovery commences,” she says. She believes that anything is possible and aim to create opportunities to manifest the fullest  life on all levels. You can contact Jean directly on 0738750365 or visit

Katy pillar

Katy Menell is a registered counsellor (BA Oxon, BPsych UNISA), who has been working in the field of recovery from addiction since 2002, with a specific focus on an integrated approach to recovery. She has developed and facilitated a number of original family programs for various local facilities. She is certified by the University of Bath in working with families’ and substance misuse. She trained at the Tamalpa Institute in Expressive Arts Therapy (CA, USA) and draws on Somatic Awareness,  Mindfulness, Narrative Practice & Non-Violent Communication in her work. She has been a student of consciousness and practiced meditation and yoga for over 20 years. She favours experiential practices and has a particular interest in the role of spirituality and creativity in change processes.  Katy works with individuals, couples and families managing the effects of addiction, trauma, loss, anxiety and others stressors in their lives and relationships. You can contact Katy directly on 0832852710.

Mark EmmerichMark Emmerich is a seasoned Recovery and Addiction Counsellor, and registered Social Worker,  with more than 18 years experience working in both in- and outpatient settings. He came to the healing professions in the second half of his life, spending many years in the Financial Services Sector. He has been instrumental in designing and setting up various addiction treatment programmes at leading clinics in Cape Town. He has worked individually with clients for the past 9 years, and offers therapy and help with substance abuse, compulsive sexual disorders, sex & love addictions and co-dependency struggles. He conducts confidential assessments & interventions for individuals and family members struggling with substance abuse or other compulsive behaviours, and readily presents talks & lectures on various aspects of addiction & recovery for individuals, schools or companies. His enthusiasm, eclectic approach to counselling and broad based life & recovery experience assists many people on their road to healing and recovery. To contact Mark directly call 082 341 1963.


Romey Russell is a psychiatric registered nurse with a Social Science degree majoring in psychology (UCT;1991). She has 30 years experience working in the psychiatric realm and has worked with addictive and compulsive disorders for the past 21 years. Romey has worked in private practice for the past 11 years as well as consulted at leading treatment centres as a counsellor and supervisor for the staff. She has also been inextricably involved in establishing treatment centres and programs with the ‘doyens’ in the field of addictive disorders. She trained the first addiction counsellors in South Africa. Romey’s area of expertise and practice is not exclusively with addictive and co-occurring disorders (including personality disorders) but includes working with anxiety and mood disorders, loss/bereavement, adolescent turmoil and identity issues and other human struggles. Her eclectic, psychotherapeutic compassionate approach is aimed to instill a sense of hope and believe in her client’s ability to change, in her quest to have ‘life changing conversations’ with her clients. Romey’s contact details: 082 485 9371 or or at


Frances Ward is a HPCSA registered counsellor specializing in recovery from addiction ,stress and trauma. She is an Advanced TRE Provider (Tension Releasing Exercises) and QEC Coach (Quantum Energy Coaching). She has more than 15 years of experience within this field. She runs a successful private practice and continues to consult at rehabilitation centers offering TRE and clinical supervision.  Her attention to the whole person is integral to her holistic mind body approach along with her ability to genuinely connect with her clients. Contact Frances directly at or or 082 099 1830.


Desireé-Anne Martin has over a decade of experience in addiction and recovery counselling. She has worked as a counsellor at well-known adult addictions treatment facilities as well as at a leading adolescent treatment centre. Here she facilitated interventions with young people and their families, and designed and facilitated the addictions counselling program. She has also conducted workshops and groups on various aspects of recovery. Her services include on-going individual counselling, group therapy and life-skills development. Areas of interest include working with adolescents and young adults who struggle with self-defeating behaviours, as well as recovering addicts who need support around living sober and those affected by addiction in the family. Desireé employs an approach that is candid, insightful and compassionate. Drawing on a range of experiential, creative and adaptive therapeutic techniques, she provides a safe and nurturing environment for healing. Contact her on or 071 84 11118 or for more information, have a look at


Penelope Garden (BA Hons Psych, Grad dip counselling (ACAP)) has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for 10 years. She has worked in a variety of treatment settings-primarily in inpatient treatment centres  and was part of the start-up team for a treatment centre (Harmony Clinic). Penny designed and has been running a successful Family Program for an outpatient program that has been running for the last two years. She has now been in private practice for the last 3 years. She believes that systemically treating the family is key to successful recovery and believes wholeheartedly that if one person in the family changes, the system has no choice but to change. She continues to be amazed by what gifts recovery brings and respects the great courage it takes to step into uncharted territory. Penny has a strong interest in co-dependency and working with families. You can see more about her on or contact her directly on 073 786 6781.

VSHW-S81RAI9l_1hSKqXGos1LHnnvtnGdPxlw-pFhkE,iJu7srQAB9tQU2QyZBI6yeDB0_wp51JxgF_wokMQg5YRobert Jean-Jacques is a Recovery Coach (BAHons Clin Psych Rhodes, UCT accredited exec coaching cert). He believes passionately in shifting the focus in addiction management from problem to solution and developing personal resilience and capacity for change management in recovery. Robert believes that building a life worth staying clean for is a reliable antidote to unmanageable substance use. He provides the impetus and support for clients to build resources to sustain recovery. This includes addressing life skills gaps, exploring talents and strengths, stretching for goals and aspirations, repairing relationships, gearing up for opportunities and documenting a personalised recovery plan. Recovey coaching is applicable to both abstinent clients and those wanting to reduce the level of harm associated with substance use. To overcome inner obstacles Robert uses the experiential methods of  the InnerLifeSkills® coaching school. Contact Robert through PHRP or directly on 076 999 3848 or or visit