Spring News!

With Spring springing, Hope and Renewal are alive and well again and Cape Town has been flooded with new and exciting ideas from: the Mindfulness Conference, a Narrative Therapy Training, Charles Eisenstein – all pointing towards Connection and Possibility…We have lots more to offer you this September.


It is the perfect time to step out , be inspired and entertained at the Cape Town Recovery Film Festival at the Labia.

At Prospect Hill, after a rich and powerful workshop on Anger, we are following up with: Forgiveness: Finding Freedom, as the last in our current workshop series.

Warm regards,
Katy & Jean

  • Codependency & Relationship Recovery Group on Tuesdays 4.30-6.30pm

A safe space to receive the benefit of group support in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with yourself and others. Facilitated by Lori Shifrin. For more information/ to book visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/codependency-relationship-recovery-group/

  • Healing Broken Hearts: Recovery Group for Partners of Sex Addicts on Wednesdays 12-2pm

This facilitated Recovery Group for partners (past and present) of those suffering from sex addiction (past and present) draws on the wisdom of the 12 Step Program to create a communal space for healing.
For more info visit:

  • Cape Town Recovery Film Festival 25th September – 2nd October at the Labia Theatre

This year’s festival includes feature films and locally produced short films as well as critically acclaimed international documentaries. It will include Q & A’s with film makers and facilitated audience discussions. There will also be live music, poetry readings and DJ’s added to the mix! For more info visit: https://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/cape-town-recovery-film-festival-2/