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The Equinox has come and gone and Autumn is upon us. New life is already springing up on the charred mountain and new voices are making themselves heard at the campus at the foot of the same mountain. This month at Prospect Hill we continue our focus on Inner Parenting addressing the Protective Inner Parent or how we can represent our inner children in the world in a way that let’s them be safely seen and heard. Module 2 of the Recovery Assistant’s Course begins. We also have a  Recovery Booster and  Breathwork to offer to enhance your health as we move towards the darker months.

Wishing you well over the holidays,
Jean & Katy

Be-longing Inner Child Recovery Workshop Series: The Protective Parent – Creating Safety
If you have learned ways of treating and relating to yourself that do not serve you, here is a golden opportunity to upskill your ‘Inner Parent’. This workshop focuses on how to represent our inner child safely in the world so that it can be seen and heard.  Join us for this enriching workshop on Friday 17 April from 09.00am. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT available until the 6th April. Click here for more details.my_inner_child_by_berkozturk-d6wmbre

Our Recovery Assistants Course: Module 2  begins on Friday 10th April. This part-time training provides an introduction to offering professional support for recovery from all kinds of addictions. The next intake is for Module 2 which focuses on Complex Issues related to recovery including: Family Effects, Process Addictions and Trauma. Click here for more information.

Connecting with Self & Others: Weekly facilitated support group
This weekly facilitated support group will provide a space to practice skills for connecting with and developing compassion towards yourself and others. It offers  a valuable opportunity  to benefit from the healing power of supportive community.The group is facilitated by Katy Menell and takes place on Thursdays 12.30 – 2pm1f994c5f-1632-4810-9e4c-dab4b17ae590

Boost your Recovery Workshop: Learn tools to create a comprehensive Recovery Plan

Are you an expert in what NOT to do, but not in WHAT TO DO?

Do you want to change your experience of recovery from one of surviving to one of thriving?

Are you feeling a little ‘stale’ in your recovery and would like a springboard to more fulfilment?

This workshop takes place on Saturday 11th of April from 9.00am to 12.00pm and offers an inspirational space to discover and build on ‘recovery capital’, the personal resources that make recovery worth doing. Each participant will get the opportunity to create a unique road map of their journey.

Inspirational Breathwork Introductory Group Session
Breathwork is 100% experiential and zero% theoretical and can therefore only really be experienced. This Introductory Workshop is an opportunity to be immersed in a direct experience of the healing powers of the breath. Facilitated by J-P Hartmann, it takes place on Monday 20th April, 6.30pm – 8.30pm. 

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